I fell in love with Josh at 19 years old and have been better for it ever since.  He is a man with a good heart, and my goal is to raise our two sons, Jackson & Oliver, to be just like him.  I’m a used-to-be English teacher trying to figure out what it means for me to take my job as Mother as seriously as I can.  In between dust-busting and grocery shopping, I can be found making fabric flowers, baking cookies and bread, reading the first half of a book, or maintaining the wildness of my oldest son.

My life is wonderful. But, somehow, I’m still trying to figure that out.

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  1. jana martin

    Wow, good job at seeking and finding healing for yourself. The conventional medical wisdom is sorely lacking. .I mentioned that the $ to train in Holy Yoga would be a problem. But I have other issues just as daunting. I have to prepare and take food with me wearever I go. The list of things I can eat is very short and much easier to tell than the list of what I can’t eat. (All grain, sugar, all of the grocery store except plain meat, nonstarchy veg (except those in the nightshade family), and a few berries. ) In addition to that, I’m allergic to everything and have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. (Think fragrance, cleaning supplies, hairspray, paint.) Can you see how difficult it would be to stay in a Lodge with a bunch of women and eat the meals provided for a week? .I am so amazed to find someone who could actually somewhat understand a bit of my story. I’ve stopped trying to explain it to people because they won’t “get it” until they get it. Thanks for sharing this. Jana


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