Monthly Archives: February 2014

The White Witch

The last time I blogged was Christmas. When the snow was welcome. I can hardly remember that time so long ago…

We’re rounding Valentine’s Day this week, and I know I never want to forget surviving Snowpocalypse 2014…especially with a toddler who is a darling, chubby challenge. This month for everyone in Michigan has been intense. Every time anyone turns a corner on the road, we must inch slowly–trying desperately to peer around 8-foot mounds of snow by every streetlight–and cross our fingers we’re not going to crash. Now, I’m watching the flakes fall gracefully out the window by the lamppost. It’s beautiful and peaceful and I also can’t stand it.

This winter has reminded me of the years I spent in the South growing up, and I’ve actually longed for those days. To a Southerner, this winter is truly inconceivable. Some would say it’s Michigan at it’s finest, while others (myself included) think the snow is delightful when you’re sitting by the Christmas tree drinking cocoa, but as soon as the wreaths come down, it has to GO.

But, it’s not just the gray skies and sixteen feet of snow in my driveway that’s making time go by a bit slowly these days. Winter usually drags on in these trying months, but I happen to be stuck inside with the wild & undeniably adorable monster, Oliver. My littlest boy is hilariously out of control, turning out to be the type of kid as capable of destruction as the Tazmanian Devil. This child scurries up the (treacherous!) wooden stairs faster than I can pour myself a cup of coffee, and the moment I have stopped giving him his nineteenth snack of the day, he manages to find other things to put in his mouth.

This boy is lovable, hysterical, wild, boisterous, crazy, silly and, funnily enough, obsessed with cows. We spend a great deal of our time searching videos of cows. Mooing. And repeat this over and over. Why? Because we can’t go outside!! The days get long, & as moms stuck indoors, it’s so easy to feel trapped, stifled, alone. But I’m pushing through this season like everyone else knowing that someday…eventually…the snow will stop falling. But there are days like today where the snowflakes are so fat and slow that you can easily catch one on your tongue. On these days, it’s well worth a pause to remember that even though the snow complicates our lives so very much, when you look close, each flake is more beautifully designed than anything I’ve ever made. It’s quite amazing. And the white witch’s spell won’t last forever. Soon enough we’ll be walking the beaches barefoot, wondering where the time went.

For today, I’ll take just a second out of my resentment for Michigan, to remember catching snowflakes with Oliver before church. I’ll also (not so fondly) remember only getting a happy picture of him when he put an orange IKEA fork in my mouth rather than the snow baby-sticking-out-the-tongue picture I wanted. (hashtag “story of my life”)

I’m buried deep in this crazy life, and on days where it feels like I can’t dig myself out of this place…whether it’s because of snow, or stress, or responsibility, or change, or more snow…I’m sure glad the snowflakes are purely magical, the sun is coming, and this boy is mine.