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30 Reasons to Love Molly

Today is a pretty significant day.  My dear friend Molly Kehrer turned 30 today.  This is massively, beautifully special for so many reasons (which you will clearly see here).  But it’s especially significant for me because the past 3 or 4 years have shown me that, when it comes right down to it, there’s a possibility that Molly is more similar to me–even in light of our distinctions–than any other person I will ever meet.  Our histories are so uniquely interwoven, our interests are so keenly in tune, and our lives have always overlapped in surprising ways.  I’m so grateful she was born, and I with every little click of the keyboard, I feel more and more celebratory for my friend and the amazing 30 years that are now behind her.

First: a preface. For me, my friendship with Mol is really a beautiful part of an even more beautiful trio.

Together, Jen and Molly are my greatest support system.  What’s so awesome about these relationships is the balance we both strike and maintain of collective adoration, obvious differences, continual support, and mutual admiration.  It works. We dig deep to understand each other, and we lack those tendencies in female relationships (especially trios) to divide.  We each have separate relationships with each other, and it’s just amazing to watch the work of God as He brought us together as friends (divinity is SO obvious!) and continues to use each other for our own refinement and growth.

And today, I’m just thrilled to articulate the many reasons why Molly is such a sparkling addition to my life. In fact, in honor of her 30th birthday, here are


It’s really hard not to begin with the obvious:

1. Her Smile.  This is literally an award-winning smile.  It’s so beautiful that it’s contagious.  Her teeth always look freshly polished, even after a cup of coffee.

2. Those curls.  Sometimes when we hug, I nuzzle in her curls a little bit because they’re so soft and angelic, it’s as if I should lie down in them.  Rain or shine, they are bouncy, shiny, and breathtaking.

3. Her height. One of my favorite things.

4. Hugs. Because of Molly’s height, she fits perfectly in the little nook of my neck (though not creepily close) and when we’re emotional, it’s like we could just stay there forever. It’s the sweetest.

5. Africa. Molly has a heart for the struggles of Africa, and the best part is that she allows herself to follow it.

6. Her notes.  When Molly writes notes–even on a post-it–it looks like they should be framed.

7. Her handwriting.  It’s perfect and precious. Plus, she always has the best pens.

8. Poems.  She has an ear for poetry, and uses words poetically all the time.

9. Her blog.  She spills her heart just enough when she writes, and she’s faithful enough to sustain her relationship with the audience of the interwebs while also making it clear that she really writes for herself. I love that.

10. Her words.  Sometimes Mol will talk or write as if she’s part-British without realizing it.

11. She’s smart. (This was Josh’s contribution. And he’s right.)

12. Her jokes.  Together, we have the best rapport when it comes to dissecting a bad day, figuring out what went wrong, and finding something that’s actually hilarious about it.

13. Her LOVE for Jason.  Molly was created to be a wife. And it’s a beautiful thing.

14. This could take a while: her love for Henry.  I can’t imagine longing for motherhood to the degree that Mol does, and it’s one of the most inspiring realities in my life.  She was Henry’s mom before God even created him. And that truth has just blossomed every single day of his development. I’m so thankful we are the mothers of boys together.

15. How was this not first? Her love for Christ.  Mol’s a pursuer. And she pursues her Savior.

16. Her love for music. Just when you think someone can’t get more beautiful or talented…the girl can sing.

17. Party-throwing.  This highlights the attention-to-detail that is so prevalent in this list.  Her parties are transporting.  Regardless of the occasion (even the small ones), expect a theme with homemade decorations. And don’t be surprised when the bouncy curls fall over a floral or paisley apron as she hustles to prepare for guests.

18. Fashion trends.  Although we’ve discussed our similar style, Molly can throw together an outfit that I couldn’t possibly dream up. We both love patterns, blousy-ness, and a good, simple ruffle or necklace.  We both could get lost in JB & Me or Ann Taylor LOFT. But she has the creativity factor to put clothes together like an artist pairs paint colors.

19. Photography. She’s the model in front of the lens, and she’s the photographer behind it.  Her house is FULL of pictures she’s taken and of the stunning pictures she is in.

20. Home-making.  Her house is so comfortable, boldly patterned, and every wall or corner has a story or memory to tell.  It’s no surprise she fell in love with a house with a round door and nooks all over the place. It’s darling.

21. Fabrics. We could spend hours–HOURS–just collecting fabrics at Field’s, dreaming about what we could someday make…

22. COLOR.  It’s everywhere in Molly’s world and, to me, this reflects a certain bravery and certainty about herself. From the vintage mustard yellow cardigan with a bright green brooch  to the orange paint in her house—there’s so much color! And I love it.

23. Faithfulness.  This deserves so much time. All I can say is  I know Molly to be one of the most faithful people I know.

24. Perseverance.  I know we’ll be friends long enough to look (way) back and notice all of the times we persevered together through the thickness and thinness of these young years of establishing family life. I’m so glad I have watched Molly persevere through things that would seemingly crush me.

25. Openness.  Her heart. Her door. Her time. It’s all open when anyone really needs it.

26. Support. Molly can support me, encourage me, and challenge me, all in the same breath.  This is an accomplishment, made possible only by grace and understanding.

27. Her pregnancy.  It’s not just that she was radiant when she was pregnant, but Molly’s pregnancy was so inspiring because I’ve never seen anyone be so in love with the entire blessing of creating another person.  She never lost sight of the miracle, always focusing on the honor of motherhood and child-bearing.

28. She is a doula.  She worked hard to receive her certification, and she uses her God-given love and awe for childbirth in meaningful, helpful ways.  I’m so thrilled and honored that she will be beside me, using her love for me along with her experience and expertise to help me welcome my second child into this world. Not every friendship could handle such raw intimacy. But we are both looking forward to it.

29. Her definition of friendship.  It’s never over-bearing, always steady, always reliable.  Her advice is clear. Her support is palpable.  Her love is obvious.

30. Our duplicity.  Although we can easily find differences, we cling to our overwhelming commonalities. Our blogs, journals, necklaces, priorities, attitudes…it’s all beautifully similar.

Mol, you are worth celebrating with 30 parties, 30 cakes, and 30 presents!!! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, my friend!!!